Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Neighbors, hats, and Cancer Battles

I am so tired of apartment living!

So the people in the apartment next to us are moving out. They have been there for a while, I'm guessing around 6 Month's or so, and they are not friendly neighbors. They don't say hello in passing or even smile at you. Well today, as they were moving stuff, they kept hitting the wall of my apartment as they were carrying stuff down the stairs. This normally wouldn't bother me too much except today they were hitting it hard enough to knock my stuff off the shelves on that wall. After 2 hours of this, I finally opened my door and politely asked them to be more careful about hitting the wall because they were knocking stuff off the wall. The father went off on me! I couldn't believe this! If someone had said the same thing to me, I would have apologized, asked if anything had broke, and tried my best to be careful! A bit later, I decided I better get a rebate in the mail from P&G Brand, so I stepped out of my apartment, locked the door and started towards the mail box, the guy verbally attacked me yet again! This time telling me I was "an ugly person, just an ugly person". I didn't even say or look at the guy!?!? WTF??? Now it is okay to just call people names?? I stopped by the office to let them know what was going on, and the guy had already went to the office and complained about me?!?! The people in the office don't care for me anyways, so of course, they didn't care what I had to say so I just told them that if he verbally attacked me again, I would call the cops on him. After returning to my apartment, they started purposely hitting the wall and harder than they were before. I opened my door once again and asked them to please be careful, and they guy tried to start arguing with me yet again. I refused to be pulled into such childish games and closed the door. At this point, I am scared to leave my apartment, and scared still to stay in my apartment, so I decided it would be best to just leave the premises and stay way until he was gone. I walked around the mall and treated myself to lunch. I drove by after I was done and he was gone, but by then, I needed to head to pick up Jody from school. It is now early evening and they are back, not sure if they are moving stuff or not, but at least they are quiet!

On a happier note, I got a response back from Stanford Medical center about donating hats for the babies, and they said they would gladly take the donation! So, I am working on getting some more made (I'd like to have 25 to take up there and right now I have 6 1/2 completed!). I am hoping to take them up there next week.

Also, my dear mother in law had surgery again today to remove more cancerous matter from her liver. She is out of surgery and looking good (according to my father in law or brother in laws), so I will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers that this is the last one! My cousins little girl has also been battling cancer and had a test done this past Friday, and everything is looking good for her as well!

Hope everyone is keeping safe and warm!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Here we go!

Ok, so I have decided to start a blog...I am going to *try* to write everyday, but I cant guarantee anything! My plan for this blog is for random thoughts I have, updates on the kid and family, and of course my crafts. I recently picked up crocheting again and now I am using a Knifty Knitter to make hats with all the left-over skeins I have. I hope to donate the hats to a hospital, but still need to figure out the avenue for that.

Please leave your comments, ideas, and questions and I will get back you you!