Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boring life!

So yeah, I have nothing to write about!

Jody has been at her Grandparents house in Santa Barbara since the end of June! Mark and I met up with my sister (Patricia) and her husband in Vegas. We spent a weekend there and it was fun, just not really our thing, I guess! I took quite a few pictures, but for some reason both Facebook and my Photobucket won't upload them!

My baby sister (Julie) was married July 4Th, but I wasn't able to be there, and haven't seen any pictures. They are expecting a baby in Feb!

I went to Texas July 8-15Th, and was able to attend my brother's wedding on the 11Th! I went to Shreveport with my mom and grandma and enjoyed getting to know my new Sister-in-law!

Other than that, I am just studying and cleaning/organizing the apartment. Jody is all registered for school and starts the 2ND grade on Aug 25Th! I can't believe she is in the 2ND grade already!

I'm working on quite a few projects! I designed a crochet purse and need to make a few tweaks to the pattern and decide to either sell the pattern or make the purses and sell them, I have a baby afghan started, 2 regular afghans put on hold until it gets cooler, an knit baby hat and booties set on the needles, and a crochet bag almost finished!