Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy times!

Wow! I never realized how busy I actually am, until I log onto my dashboard and realize it has been almost 3 months since I updated my own blog! Where did the last 3 months go??? Seems like my days are filled with the same routine every day, take Jody to school, study, do stuff around the apartment, pick Jody up, homework, dinner, bed. And in the last few weeks, lots of stuff to keep us busy!

My sister decided that her and her boyfriend were finally going to get married this year. First, her plan was an actual wedding, all the talk about wanting Jody to be a flower girl and such. I played along, knowing that it wouldn't happen. Sure enough, a few weeks later, she calls me to say that instead, they are going to get married in Vegas in June. Once again, I played along, undecided as to how this would end up. She payed for their room (and my brothers), so we went ahead and reserved a room in the same hotel. a few days later, I'm informed that they spent all their "wedding money" to pay the vet bill as their dog was hit by a car. Now, their plan is to get married at their City Hall, and still go to Vegas for the weekend. Fine with me, Mark and I are getting a much deserved break, the first "vacation" without Jody in 6 years!

Then in April, my brother called me to tell me that he asked his girlfriend to marry him! They are getting married July 11th! I will be taking my first plane ride to Texas to attend his wedding. I have spoke to his girlfriend once on the phone and will meet her in Vegas the 26th! I am excited for him, as she has been a very positive influence in his life.

And, Just last week, my baby sister, who is 17, called me to tell me that her boyfriend popped the question and they will be getting married July 4th! He is leaving for boot camp July 15th! I will miss her ceremony by a few days!

That's right, all 3 of my younger siblings are getting married within a few weeks of each other...and before me! I told Julie (shes the 17 yr old) that when i get married, I want the month to myself, I'm not sharing it with them!

So once the first sister informed me, I started on an afghan to give er as a wedding gift. I finished it, but was not really happy with it. When Kenny (my brother) called, I started on an afghan for him. I finished his and love it! So now I am about 1/3 of the way done with a 2nd afghan for my sister (Jody is taking the original), and about 1/6th of the way done with the one for Julie that I started on Thursday of last week. both need to be finished in the next week as I need to take one to Vegas with me, and the other two need to be mailed to Texas! All this in the midst of continuing with my classes and all my normal duties around the house!

Jody has 2 weeks of school left. On the 1st, is the semi-finals of the 1st grade spelling bee, and I will be so happy when it is over! She has been driving me crazy practicing! The 3rd is the finals. Then the 4th, I will be at the school from 10am til 2pm for the 1st grade BBQ! Wed night I will have to make the "Ants on a Log" that Jody has requested we take, along with going to my knitting group that evening to work on one of the afghans. Thursday, I will go to my crochet group to continue working on them and I need to bake cookies when I get home for the bake sale during the End of Year BBQ for the school! Then the real fun begins!

Jody has the last week of school, then we are home a week, during which I need to gather everything she will need to take with her to visit her grandparents for the summer. We will celebrate Father's day and then I will drive her to her grandparents in Santa Barbara, spend the night and drive home. Pack for Vegas, we leave the 26th and return the 28th. I have a week to get stuff done, and pack for my trip to Texas. Got on a plane July 8th, return to San Jose, July 15th...and find time to continue my studies! It is going to be a hectic few weeks! And in the middle of all this, our lease is up the end of August, and we do not want to stay here, so we are looking at houses in the Morgan Hill area!

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